Safety - Safety is a continuing process that requires the use of the proper tool in a safe manner and safe environment. There are safety recommendations through out the catalog and Best Way Tools website but they are not an exclusive list. We advise the user of any tool to use the tool in a safe manner and safe environment. 

The list below suggests the safe use of a tool. This is not an exclusive list of saftey guide lines. 

  • WEAR EYE PROTECTION when working with tools
  • Use the correct tool for the job
  • Do not expose tools to excessive heat
  • Handles are not rated to insulate from electrical shock
  • Do not use tool to chisel, punch or pry unless it is intended to do so.
  • Do not strike the tool unless the tool is intended for striking
  • Do not use damaged tool

 Useful links to safety information;

ANSI Safety Satandards

American Society of Safety Engineers

Eye Protection Council 

HTI Safety Page

National Safety Council

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Occupational Safety and Health Magazine

Prevent Blindless America